Become a sharp queen in your realm of admirers!

Here is a little bit unusual way how to have fun and joy! The idea – you have some sunny desires what you would like to realize. You register on popular dating site, or put an ad. Finally you receive heap of rustling mails. What a crazy! They all are too similar and starts boring. You even have not time to read these trivial words.

There is another way. Imagine, you drink your morning coffee, or evening wine and open your mail and there are 3-5 original mails, from best of the best guys. And you just choose what to do next – to have a little chat with him, or just start to realize some adventure…

Here are some orders, which I have received and helped to realize:

“Hi, I would like to find a rich man who also looks good and is not married!”

“Monday. Bouquet of white rouses from the stranger in my office. Evening – meeting with the stranger and drinking red soft wine”.

“Tasty athlete for secret meetings and brutal sex…. His masculine smell must make me dizzy!”

“Black guy, with a big …. and dragon tattoo on his neck!”

“Next Wednesday at 14.00 o’clock tasty dinner with talkative guy, who will pay the bill, and whom I’ll never see again :)”

“Thursday evening around 17.00. Cinema. Whispers. Kisses. Sex in car”.

“Friday after 18 o’clock. Party with 2 guys. Next morning – I wake up with both of them..”

“Handsome, romantic person with whom to spend my vacation in August!”

It is easy!

Contact me to know better how it works!