ritchie29, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

life sucks

in december 2004 i was in a coma when i recovered i lost my speech since then to now my life has change drastically...some people does be happy wish i could be happy i guess thats life whats for you is for you agreed?? lol

rocknrolla, United Kingdom


Is anyone on this site genuine or is it just a site for people to have a laugh. As in my previous blog, there are too many women on here where the picture is quite clearly not them. Furthermore, when you get to talking through email, its only a matter of time before you get asked for money because they are in trouble., or need a laptop because they can't get to the internet cafe each day. Please, you must think I was born yesterday. The best one has been in the last few day. Someone who is…

rocknrolla, United Kingdom


Can someone please explain to me why you choose to either put a picture on this site which is quite clearly not you or a picture of flowers. I wish that people would just be honest.............

janicehensley, United Kingdom

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monicarfarwell, India

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AB763, United Kingdom

So far, so awful.

So far, I've been hit up by African scammers pretending to be Russians, asking for my email address so they can send me more SPAM.Outstanding. What is it about online dating that attracts the worst of humanity?

blurca, Malaysia


hey girlsI'm asian indian(22) and i am going to study in England this coming September(postgraduate study)So during my study to England i am really hope that i can be friends with the girls over therenot only as a friend, i'm looking for a serious relation with a girl in England. I hope before my arrival to England i can chat/talk with a girl from EnglandI'm modern, decent, and honestI am hoping you to contact

alikhanabtd, Pakistan

serious uk canadian women contact for marriage

Am muzafar ali by name 26 from pakistan doing study and part time job honest truth loving and serious i am just searching for serious relation please serious women from canada or uk contact me on

coleenbrown007, United Kingdom

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funnyLife, United Kingdom

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